Donald L. Dailey (1940 - 1950)

xDonald L. Dailey came to the station as Animal Husbandman in 1938 and was named superintendent in 1940 when Mr. Donovan became ill. Mr. Dailey was born in Eagen, South Dakota, where his father owned a large livestock farm. He went to high school in Pipestone, Minnesota, and was an honor graduate of the University of Minnesota majoring in animal husbandry and plant science. He was a research assistant at St. Paul before moving to Grand Rapids.

Mr. Dailey's challenge was to continue the work that had been started with inbred swine and sheep and to maintain the school. The task was made difficult because of the uncertainty of keeping competent help during World War II. There were numerous changes in both faculty and staff during that period. Nevertheless, the School of Agriculture reached its peak enrollment of 109 students in 1946. The third school building was funded and built. An agriculture engineer was added to the faculty and the position of principal was added to give leadership to the school program.

Mr. Dailey resigned in 1950 to return to farming and agricultural consulting. After working for several years in Indiana and Minnesota, he retired and lived in southern Minnesota and Arizona.