Warren W. Pendergast (1896 - 1897)

xWarren W. Pendergast, a native of Hutchinson, Minnesota, and an honor graduate of the University of Minnesota College of Agriculture, was the first superintendent of what was then known as the Northeast Subexperiment Farm. Pendergast, who was only 21 years old, and was the son of W.W. Pendergast, the first principal of the School of Agriculture in St. Paul. He began the development of the farm, planning for drainage of swamps, the development of forage, grain, cranberry and livestock projects, the protection of young timber and the reforestation of burned-over areas. During 1896 the farm was surveyed and fenced; and roads were staked and constructed. Test plots were prepared and about 30 more acres were cleared for production of crops. A year later Mr. Pendergast was injured by a saddle horse and died a short time later from the effects of the accident. His assistant, Robert W. Clark, carried on the work planned by Pendergast until H.H. Chapman was named superintendent in 1898.