Andrew J. David

andrew davidAssociate Professor - Forest Biology


Michigan State University 
Ph.D. (Plant Breeding and Genetics-Forestry), 1995

Kalamazoo College
B.A. in Biology, 1983 

Research Interests

My primary research interests are:

  • Application of breeding strategies and silvicultural systems to increase forest productivity
  • Balancing of genetic gain and genetic diversity in tree improvement programs 
  • Impacts of natural and anthropogenic disturbance on genetic integrity of forested populations.

Current Research

Breeding programs and/or seed orchard management activities in seven tree species; jack pine, red pine, white pine, black spruce, white spruce, hybrid aspen and European larch.

White pine breeding program to increase resistance to white pine blister rust response of northern white cedar seedlings to stand manipulations in riparian forests establishment of hardwood tree species via artificial regeneration on northern hardwood cover types.


  • ESPM 3101/5101 (3 credits) Conservation of Plant Biodiversity - Responsible for creating, organizing and teaching lecture, laboratory and field sessions. Offered each fall semester on St. Paul campus.
  • FR 8102 (by arrangement) Directed Study in Forest Genetics/Tree Improvement.
  • FR 2101 Identifying Forest Plants (1 credit) - I assist in this field based course taught at Cloquet Forestry Center during the summer session. 
  • FR 4411 Silvicultural Systems & FR 5611 Field Silviculture - I offer guest lectures to these two courses. 


My primary outreach duties are as the Director for both the Aspen/Larch Genetics Cooperative and the Minnesota Tree Improvement Cooperative. These two cooperatives are based on the university-industry-governmental organization model and are financed through a combination of cooperator dues and state and federal appropriations. The goals of these cooperatives are to produce seedlings for reforestation and restoration work that have improved growth rates, disease resistance, stem form and wood quality while retaining adaptation to local growing conditions.

Affiliated Organizations

  • Genetics Society of America
  • International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) Conifer breeding and genetic resources
  • Northern Forest Genetics Association
  • Society of American Foresters



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