Forest management

Forestry Management

Primary area of expertise is in the application of operations research (“science of better”) to help better understand forest management opportunities.  A primary goal of current research program is to examine how new forest-based economic development can be better integrated with existing forest industry and long-term environmental objectives. Intent is to be site-specific in terms of forest product markets, addressing interactions between specific market locations, specific levels of wood use, and specific forest landowner groups. With production periods long in forestry, it is important to consider both long and short term trade-offs, considering both economic and environmental objectives.

Specific objectives include:

  • Develop and analyze baseline (benchmark) future statewide forest conditions over time for Minnesota, assuming all existing and planned wood consumption levels are sustained over a 100-year planning horizon.  Summarize results addressing economic returns, forest-wide environmental conditions, timber production costs, and estimated changes in wood procurement zones for specific forest products and markets.
  • Enhance University of Minnesota forest management modeling system to analyze and compare statewide economic development scenarios.  Intent is to work closely with Minnesota Forest Resources Council (MFRC), an interdisciplinary forestry leadership group instrumental in helping oversee forest-based development and policy in Minnesota.  
  • Expand modeling system methods to analyze management strategies for large major public land management agencies within a broader framework statewide framework and modeling system. Intent is to tie specific site-level management options to broad statewide objectives and desired future conditions.

Partners within the U of M

Department of Forest Resources

North Central Research and Outreach Center

Cloquet Forestry Center

Interagency Information Cooperative

Department of Applied Economics (Apland)


Other Cooperating Organizations

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Minnesota Forest Resources Council

Minnesota Forest Industries

UPM Kymmene

Blandin Foundation

Crow Wing County Land Department

Hubbard County Land Department

St Louis County Land Department

Potlatch Forest Products Corp

Itasca County Economic Development Corporation

USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station

Itasca Community College

USDA National Forest System

Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Portugal

Minnesota Forest Resources Partnership