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Land was recently certified organic by The Minnesota Crop Improvement Association (MCIA). The 2.03 acre plot has been certified as “100% Organic Production – Products: Fruit & Vegetable Research.”

Organic certification verifies that the land has met the Organic Standards established under the UDSA National Organic Program.

Current research in includes green manure cover crops conducted by Dr. Julie Grossman, Assistant Professor; and blueberries and raspberries conducted by Dr. Mary Rogers, Assistant Professor, both from department of Horticultural Science. Dr. Grossman will be adding organic corn in 2016.

Drs. Grossman and Rogers, and NCROC Plot Coordinator Keith Mann would like to thank NCROC Plot Technician Danielle Sackett for her tireless efforts in the organic certification. Danielle coordinated with Grossman, Rogers and Mann in keeping on task with the seemingly endless paper work and guiding them through the ongoing requirements needed to receive the certification.

NCROC is currently working toward organic certification in one of their high tunnels.