Land & Forests

NCROC’s footprint is 1,000 acres in total. Our diverse landbase includes ag production land, pasture for livestock, forests, a natural bog area, and wild rice paddies.

North Campus Facilities

Our North Campus Facilities encompass 650 acres in total. The NCROC administrative office and research buildings as well as our livestock facilities are located on the North Campus. The remaining land consists of:

  • 160 acres in ag production
  • 260 acres in forests and a natural bog area
  • 50 acres dedicated to horticulture research
  • 15 acres in wild rice paddies

South Campus Facilities

Our South Campus Facilities encompass 340 acres, livestock facilities and the agronomy research building. That land consists of: 

  • 160 acres pasture for livestock
  • 140 acres in row crop production
  • 40 acres dedicated to crops research
Horticulture plots
Wild Rice paddies
South Farm barns