Cow/Calf Production Systems

Beef research at the NCROC focuses on reproductive management and beef cattle nutrition. Reproductive management research finds ways to improve reproductive efficiency using synchronizing estrus in replacement beef heifers and postpartum cows and by determining the influence of diet and body composition on reproductive responses. Beef cattle nutrition research focuses on optimizing nutrient utilization for growth and reduced environmental impact and evaluating alternative feeding and management practices in beef cattle systems. 

Our beef research program also studies:

  • Beef cow/calf management to improve synchronization of estrus in postpartum cows and replacement beef heifers
  • Effects of rotational grazing systems on cattle performance
  • Evaluation and development of economical fall grazing systems
  • Economic and cattle efficiency considerations in feeding of crop byproducts
  • Evaluation of management practices to improve calf nutrition status and growth
  • Economic assessment and analyses of beef cattle feeding systems