Agronomy research at NCROC explores the sustainability of agricultural systems in Minnesota’s north central growing region. Our region’s unique soil, water, and climate require crop production solutions that do not compromise these resources. As our climate continues to change, the goal of our research is to improve growing conditions to expand cropping options and increase yields.

Building a more competitive and sustainable agri-food market in northeastern Minnesota is a main goal of our agronomy program. Research projects are initiated through grants as well as local cooperative partnerships. Agronomy research is:

  • Evaluating suitable cultivars for maximum crop production potential within the main cropping systems for the region
  • Developing a more complete understanding on efficient cultivation and farm management techniques to strategically position northern Minnesota farms with quality best management strategies
  • Exploring research initiatives on invasive species impacting modern agricultural production systems

The NCROC is also a site for the Minnesota Long-Term Agricultural Research Network (LTARN). LTARN research is evaluating annual and perennial crop sequences to improve the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural production systems.

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2021 University of Minnesota Variety Crop Trials Results

November 30, 2021

The Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station (MAES) and the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) have published the 2021 Minnesota Field Crop Trials. Visit to see variety trials for 10 different Minnesota crops.

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