Discover STEM in Nature

When: Friday October 5th, 2018 - 9:30am to 2:00pm (Rain Date - Monday October 8th, 2018) EVENT CANCELLED

Where: University of Minnesota North Central Research and Outreach Center (NCROC)

1861 Highway 169 East, Grand Rapids, MN 55744

Who: Sophomores, juniors and seniors from Grand Rapids area schools

Why: To engage high-caliber high school students who show interest in STEM in engaging activities on the NCROC's forest and experimental sites; Morning session will feature 20-minute modules with 20-25 students per module. Students will rotate between modules relating to subject areas such as forest measurements, silviculture, genetics, climate change, and more. Our goal is to get students thinking about pathways to these careers and how they can pursue studies in natural resources at UMN Forest Resources, UMN CFANS and Itasca Community College.



Course Modules: Students will experience 5 of these 8 modules throughout the morning.

Note- Modules may change due to instructor availability

Title Topic Related Coursework
Prisms: A Breakthrough in Forest Biometrics Prism Sampling Trigonometry, Statistics, Physics
Make Better Decisions: Engineering Sustainable Forest Landscapes

Multiple Objectives/ System Analysis

Engineering, Math, Economics
Welcome to a Warmer Future: Groundbreaking Discoveries in Bogs Peatlands- Climate Change Chemistry, Math, Carbon Cycle, Soil Science
The Circle of Life: Forest Pest Lifecycles and the Impact They Have In Our Forests
Diseases and Insects Statistics, Entomology, Plant Pathology
Quality Fishing: Using Biological Monitoring to Assess Water Quality Water Habitat Ecology, Biology, Chemistry
Good Parenting: Utilizing Genetics to Breed Better crops- STEM Successes in Apple Breeding and Wild Rice Genetics Statistics, Genetics, Cellular Biology
Wildlife and Science and Technology- Oh My: Utilizing Game Cameras to Assess Wildlife Populations Wildlife Population Research Technology, Statistics, Biology, Zoology



Event Schedule - October 5th, 2018
Activity Clock Start Duration (m) Location
Registration/Indoor Bathroom Break 9:00 30 Parking Lot
Event Starts 9:30   To NCROC Forest
Module 1 9:30 20 NCROC Forest
Move to next station 9:50 10  
Module 2 10:00 20 NCROC Forest
Move to next station 10:20 10  
Module 3 10:30 20 NCROC Forest
Move to next station 10:50 10  
Module 4 11:00 20 NCROC Forest
Move to next station 11:20 10  
Module 5 11:30 20 NCROC Forest
Move to NCROC/ICC Campus 11:50 20 ICC Campus
Lunch 12:10 30 ICC Campus
Career 1 - UMN Forest Resources and CFANS 12:40 15 ICC Campus
Move to next station 12:55 5  
Career 2 - ICC Natural Resources
13:00 15 ICC Campus
Move to next station 13:15 10  
Career 3 -Success Stories: STEM in Natural Resources
13:25 35 ICC Campus
Departure 14:00